St. Patrick’s Day Gifts – Think out of the Pot (of gold)

23 02 2010

In Ireland, St. Patrick’s day used to be a quiet religious holiday that has been observed for centuries. It took the United States to turn St. Patrick’s Day into a showy celebration. Now St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide by those of Irish descent and increasingly by people of other ethnicity as well.

The holiday itself stands for  more than just a celebration of the Irish saint. If you are in business, think out of the box and use St. Patrick’s day as a Marketing tool – it is a great chance to thank your customers, and vendors,  and business associates for their business. “We are so lucky to have you as a customer!” or “Please accept this Pot of Gold as a token of my appreciation for your …” Possibilities are endless!

Missed your chance to give gift to someone special on Valentine’s Day – use St. Patrick’s Day to let them know How Lucky You Are to have someone’s love or friendship. Send a “Pot of Gold” filled with golden chocolate coins and assorted candy. Or give them a gift basket filled with Irish coffee, sausage, cheese, cookies, and snacks.

Add a greeting to your gift such as:

“You are my lucky charm”

“No Pot of Gold can ever be as Special as You are!”

“I’m so lucky to have you as my wife!”

“You Are My Good Fortune!”


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Organic treats for Halloween

22 10 2009

Everyone struggles to avoid eating more candy than they give out the night of Halloween.  As you get ready to greet the trick-or-treaters, it’s so tempting to grab a piece of candy for yourself.  Before long, one piece turns into three then five…and you know how the story goes.

If you are looking for a delicious replacement to the usual Halloween candy, consider a Bon Vivant basket bursting with organic, all natural treats. Order it for you and all those special people in your life!  We can guarantee the recipients will think of you on Halloween night as they munch on delectable goodies without the guilt!

Organic Halloween Gift Basket

Organic Halloween Gift Basket

What you see is what you get!

9 10 2009

I’ve met Julie Gerber just recently, but she is the kind of person who makes you feel as if you’ve been friends with her for the longest time. Julie is a stay at home mom of two kids and a supportive wife of a paramedic/firefighter husband. She also has a talent for writing. Check out her blog: The Gerber Babies Blog

Recently I sent her some of my Halloween gift baskets, and here is what she had to say about them:

Ever wonder how that gift basket looked when it arrived at the recipient’s house? You spend all that time searching for the perfect, sometimes costly basket, only to find that it wasn’t exactly picture perfect after shipping. I have given and received many baskets. Never before have I received a completely intact basket. Usually something fell out or shifted, bows were crumpled or smashed, and on one occasion the “arrangement” was a jumbled mess. If you are sending something, you want to make sure the recipient is happy with the gift, not wondering how they will tell you not to order from that particular company again!  Below are photos of actual baskets/gifts sent to me from Bon Vivant Baskets, and these gifts were pulled straight from the box. I did not fluff or straighten, nor did I rearrange or shift. These gifts look almost identical to the professional images on the website. What you see is what you get!

Halloween BasketBlack Cat

Bon Vivant Baskets has a large variety of gifts for almost every occasion. If they don’t have what you are looking for, they’ll make it. Just in case you are curious, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, a bon vi-vant [bon vee-vahnt] is a person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink. But don’t worry, if your taste isn’t too refined, you will still appreciate these artistically created gifts that will warm the hearts of those you love and care about! What surprised me the most was the cost! Have you ever put a gift basket together? I have. Lots of them. In fact, I put baskets together last Christmas for many of our friends. They were filled with home baked goods (I love to bake!) but after tallying my total cost, I was overwhelmed! All the work, all the ingredients, and of course the baskets add up! I could have spent less, picked out something beautiful, and saved so much time. Time is something I don’t have enough of lately! I gave these gifts a critical look. Most gift baskets that I have purchased have lots of inexpensive fillers and very few main attractions. Not these. Every side has a wow. My gifts were filled with high quality treats, not disappointing distractions that keep you from wondering where your money went. The Black Cat Halloween Gift Box – Halloween Treats Gift Basket pictured below is only $9.99, and the Yummy Mummy Potion, pictured above is only $37.99!

Organic, Gluten Free, Healthy, Gourmet, Sugar Free, Low Sodium, and my favorite, sinfully delicious (yes I made that one up!) are available options at Bon Vivant Baskets. The baskets are made to order using fresh products, and the packaging is environmentally friendly. The packaging is made from recycled or biodegradable materials and all gifts are shipped with extreme care and creativity! Yes, there is an art to shipping and I realized this as soon as I opened the box! Spend as little or as much as you like. They have something for every budget! Visit their site, and join them on Facebook for monthly drawings for beautiful gifts! Check back often. I have a lot to say about this amazing company!!!

Powerful Tool

21 08 2009
Thanks a Million! - Gift Basket

Thanks a Million! - Gift Basket

Expressing gratitude is such an important gesture in personal and business relationships, yet, so often people never get around to it. It’s not because we are ungrateful creatures, but we so easily get caught up in a daily routine, that we let the moment slip by.

However, sending someone a token of your appreciation, be it a thank you note or a gift, is such a powerful tool that it can open doors that might otherwise be closed; it can influence people to help you; it can create lasting friendships and partnerships.

When to send a Thank You gift?
Good manners require that you send a thank you gift when you have been a guest at someone’s house; when you have been referred to a potential client, for service above and beyond, or any time when someone spent their personal time to help you.

What all people want is to feel appreciated.
This stems from our very human need to know that we are useful. And by the way, a little recognition prompts our brains to release the feel-good chemical, dopamine. So, when someone does something nice for you – they feel good because they satisfy their desire to be useful. When you send them a thank you gift or a note of appreciation, they feel happy because their usefulness was recognized.

How would you feel if someone sent a thank you gift to you?
You would feel great! And you would never forget the person who took the time to send a gift that made you feel so good. Keep that in mind and always remember to show your appreciation, be it in a form of a thank you note or a thank you gift basket.

Think of someone you’ve been meaning to thank, and follow up on that today. And if you need any assistance with the gift, I am here to help.