Chocolate Dreams

12 11 2009

Fresh & creamy chocolate truffles, assorted flavor chocolate candy, mouthwatering pecan clusters – who wouldn’t appreciate a delicious gift like this? When you want to spoil your employees or customers, these chocolates will do the trick!

Chocolate Gifts


Christmas Gifts Preview

12 11 2009

At Bon Vivant Baskets we offer gifts for any budget and any situation. Whether you need a gift for one person,  for the whole family or to share in the office, we’ve got you covered!

Christmas Gift Baskets

Below are some ideas for smaller gifts suitable for coworkers, assistants, receptionists, teachers as well as friends and family members…

Christmas Gift Assortment

Time to Give Thanks

12 11 2009

As we come to the end of the year and Thanksgiving approaches, there is no better time to show your clients how much you appreciate their business than now. It’s important, though, to say thanks the right way; paper weights, pictures of you hard at work and documents showing ROI are not going to cut it this year. Struggling to think beyond these ideas?

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

Luckily, Bon Vivant has you covered with our Bountiful Harvest Thanksgiving Basket filled to the edges with treats to share and coffee mugs to leave a lasting impression. Want to make sure all the big dogs at the office get a keepsake? This basket offers the option of adding or removing coffee mugs to meet your gift-giving needs.

Feeling like taking your basket to another level of personalization? Bon Vivant will customize a basket to meet the recipients chocolate dreams or health-conscious waistline. Also, we offer heart healthy gift basket with Low Sodium products for those family members of customers who are on a special diet.

If you are looking for  a wine gift basket, we can make it happen – all you have to do is provide us with a bottle of wine of your choice, and we will incorporate it into a gift basket (See BYOB basket above as an example)

Don’t forget to add a personalized ribbon to seal the deal!

Organic treats for Halloween

22 10 2009

Everyone struggles to avoid eating more candy than they give out the night of Halloween.  As you get ready to greet the trick-or-treaters, it’s so tempting to grab a piece of candy for yourself.  Before long, one piece turns into three then five…and you know how the story goes.

If you are looking for a delicious replacement to the usual Halloween candy, consider a Bon Vivant basket bursting with organic, all natural treats. Order it for you and all those special people in your life!  We can guarantee the recipients will think of you on Halloween night as they munch on delectable goodies without the guilt!

Organic Halloween Gift Basket

Organic Halloween Gift Basket

The Marketplace – A Shopping Extravaganza

19 10 2009

I’m so excited about the chance to participate in the Marketplace this weekend! It’s a 5th annual event organized by the Junior League of Athens showcasing local retailers and businesses.
There will be fashion stores, gourmet stores, stationery companies, artists and musicians. I’m sure it will be fabulous.

I am making several different gift baskets to represent Bon Vivant Baskets at the Marketplace. Since the Halloween is coming up, I’m planning to have a few thrilling gift baskets on hand, suitable for kids and adults.

Also, I want to present a basket or two for the Thanksgiving. It will be good for any one who is going to someone else’s house for dinner. Since they have no cooking to do, no table to set, no clean up to deal with – why not bring the gift basket to the hostess. In the basket I’ll have delicious gourmet treats that can serve as appetizers before the dinner, if the hostess decides to share them (like salami sausage, cheese, crackers, olives), plus desert items perfect after the dinner (like chocolate, cookies, coffee and tea).

And of course, I will have many Christmas gift baskets suitable for personal or business use. I’ve made several new designs that I do not have on my website yet. But they look gorgeous and I hope to get a good response to them and get pre-orders for Christmas.

Last year we received many orders during the last week before Dec 25. Oh boy, did we have a busy Santa shop in our office! I will try to warm people up towards the idea of ordering early, this way we’ll know what to expect, will have time make all the necessary preparations, and when the time comes – all we’ll have to is add the product, wrap the baskets and deliver them.

I’ll have my fingers crossed that the event goes well for Bon Vivant Baskets. Wait, if I have my fingers crossed, how will I make my hand-tied bows? Maybe I should hold my breath?  Or even better, I will make sure I do my best to show off our baskets, and will hope and pray and chant and send signals to the Universe to ensure our success 🙂

The Marketplace - Athens GA

The Marketplace - Athens GA

How to Earn Your Keep

14 10 2009

The National Boss’s Day in on Friday October 16, 2009. Are you ready for it?

You don’t want to show up at work on Friday unprepared and watch your coworkers parade to your boss’s office with greeting cards, gifts and compliments. (the fact that you don’t want to show up at work on Friday, period, is entirely different matter. This coming Friday you have to be at work, and you have to come prepared!)

So how do you earn your keep? The least you can do is stop by your boss’s office, wish him or her Happy Boss’s Day and offer to bring them coffee from the cafeteria.

Next step up would be getting them a greeting card with a bulletted list of great characteristics your boss possesses. Is he or she a great leader? Inspires you to be a greater human being? Defends you in front of the upper management? Allows you to go to your dentist in the middle of the working day? Let your boss know that you appreciate all that. Boss’s Day is definitely the time to do it.

If you want to do something even more special, get your boss a nice gift basket. Bon Vivant Baskets, for example, has several great gift ideas.

How about a “Big Cheese Award” basket? It has different flavor cheeses, crackers, salami summer sausage and cheese sticks. Your boss will love the treats and surely will appreciate this humorous award.

The Big Cheese Award

The Big Cheese Award

Another great gift would be a “You Rule!” basket filled not only with treats but also with office supplies, including a notebook, a pen, a clip board and a ruler. (Get it? Ruler -> You Rule!) All arranged in a desk caddy that they get to keep. Every time your boss looks at it,  he or she will remember you and what a great job you are doing.

Do you have the Queen Bee for a boss? She is the one who keeps things going, who motivates and oversees the whole office? Then this “Fit for a Queen” chocolate bar is the perfect gift for her!

Fir for a Queen

Fit for a Queen

What? Your boss is nuts and you hate your job? Well, you can quit or try to make things better.  Think bout it, angry bosses act this way because they don’t feel loved. Change it. Even a crazy boss deserves a few treats once a year. Get him or her our “Nuts about Nuts” gift basket filled with chocolate covered almonds, cashews, peanut brittle, smoked almonds, and biscotti with nuts. That kind of  a gift will do wonders for your nutty boss’s mood.

Nuts about Nuts

Nuts about Nuts

See, there are many ways to keep your boss happy and appreciated. After all, wouldn’t you want your boss to treat you the same way?

Need a creative gift for the National Boss’s Day or for any other occasion? E-mail Bon Vivant Baskets at or call (706)248-5303

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We have a Halloween GIVEAWAY going on right now!

Vampires and vixens; princes and princesses; goblins and… gift baskets? Of course!

13 10 2009

If you have not visited our online store for a while, now is a good time. We’ve added new and exciting gift baskets for Fall and Halloween. There are many occasions that call for a gift basket, and Halloween is one of them. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bring fun and humor to your family, friends, colleagues and customers.

At Bon Vivant Baskets we have some delectable, Halloween-themed baskets for both kids and adults. Take, for example, this Italian Halloween pasta gift with all the fixings and Halloween bubble gum to give your guests a giggle.

Running low on the kitchen necessities to enjoy a Halloween dinner party? Do not fret! The Halloween Pasta Dinner gift basket also includes a cotton kitchen towel and wooden salad bowl and forks that would thrill even a grim reaper.

This gift will keep on giving even after all the treats are gone. For under $40 there is no way you can find a better gift!

Spooky Halloween Dinner Basket

Spooky Halloween Dinner Basket

Ready... Set... Serve!

Ready... Set... Serve!

And to make this deal even more thrilling:
Order any Halloween gift basket now and GET $5 OFF of shipping or delivery charge!

Use a Coupon Code HAL5 at the checkout.  It applies to Halloween gift baskets only. Odder expires on Sunday Oct. 25, 2009.

As usual, we’ll be happy to customize any gift basket you see on our website, or create a totally unique gift just for you. E-mail us at or call (706)248-5303

Do you have a Facebook account? If so, become Fan of Bon Vivant Baskets. That’s just another way of keeping in touch and being informed about savings and giveaways.
We have a Halloween GIVEAWAY going on right now!