Instead of sending her to the spa, send the spa to her!

2 06 2010

This gift basket was inspired by a customer who wanted to thank her Spiritual Counselor for all the mind and soul healing that she did. The customer and I brainstormed about what kind of gift would be most suitable for the counselor. My customer said she wanted it to be meaningful and memorable. So, we came up with a “body care” gift basket with a note saying that “Someone who takes care of other people’s problems deserves some pampering herself.”

This Natural and Organic Spa Gift Basket contains all you need to feel like you took a trip to the spa! It includes a variety of Bath & Body products of the highest quality such as purifying bath salts; creams and lotions with Dead  Sea minerals and an array of essential vitamins to promote healthier and younger looking skin, Organic moisturizer with sunscreen, Organic Avocado hair mask plus a set of luxurious towels and a candle.

All of the products are Natural or Organic, Not animal-tested.

We offer an option to personalize this gift by selecting the Monogram option for the towels. It makes a memorable gift for any occasion, especially if it’s for a Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation or Birthday.




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