Baby Shower

10 03 2010

This past Saturday I have hosted a Baby Shower party for a very good friend of mine, Ella. It was the first time for me organizing this kind of event, but since there is so much help online and so many ideas available, it wasn’t hard at all.

First of all, I used Evite for invitations. Setting up the account was easy. They have many invitations templates to choose from according to the theme. They also make it easy to track RSVPs, make edits and additions to your invitation, etc.

Second, I planned a few Baby Shower games for the guests. One of the games we played was trying to estimate the size of mommy-to-be’s belly. All of us grossly overestimated her size! But Ella had a good sense of humor about it.  She was actually much smaller that we’ve estimated. Another game we played was “Pin the pacifier on the baby” where we’ve used a postboard with a drawing of a crying baby, and blindfolded guests had to draw a pacifier as close to the baby’s mouth as possible. It was definitely a fun to play and entertaining to watch game.

Lovable Teddy Bear Bookmark

Third, I had several Baby Shower party favors and gifts for the guests. I wanted the favors to be memorable and useful, so I chose silver metal bookmarks shaped as a teddy bear. They are very cute and can be used as book marks, can be attached to the ceiling lights cord, can be hung on a car’s rear view mirror, etc.

Pink Heart Design Picture Frame

Another gift that I offered as a prize was adorable silver metal picture frame with

a heart pendant. It can be used during a Christening party or a girl’s Birthday party, too, as a place card.

Pink & White Bath Confetti

A third giveaway prize was this Pink & White bath confetti set decorated with a pacifier charm. Such a cute gift for a mom-to-be and for guests. it also comes in other colors in case you don’t know the baby’s gender yet.




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