DIY Valentine’s Day

29 01 2010

Whether you are a couple, a single or in a new relationship, with the Valentine’s Day less than a month away, the anxiety level goes up. The most prevalent question on people’s mind is what to give on Valentine’s Day, followed by what will he or she give me…
I feel that the Valentine’s Day gift is a complex subject. It’s not just a gift, like a birthday gift might be. Valentine’s Day gift exemplifies some deeper meaning.

Is it cute as in “We are just friends, but I like you.”?

Is it sweet and neutral, as in “We’ve just started dating, so I don’t want it to look like I’m trying too hard, even though I spent days and days agonizing over what to give you.”?

Is it passionate with “I love You” written all over the gift?

Or is it a cookie-cutter gift off the CVS shelf that says “I don’t really care…”?

The pressure for the right kind of gift affects both the giver and the receiver. While the giver feels he or she needs only to impress one person, the receiver thinks broadly in terms of how impressed will everyone else be with the gift he or she received.  I believe it’s more true for women. If the guy sends flowers or a gift to his girl’s office, he’ll score major points with her because women want others to see that “Yes, I have a man. I am loved. I am desired.”  If you don’t send the gift to her office, the next day when she goes to work, people will be asking her: “What did he give you?”.  There is no way to avoid public scrutiny.

So what can you do to make a good impression on your Valentine, (as well as her or his friends and coworkers)? It’s not as hard as you think. First of all, forget about the mass produced Valentine’s Day cards and make your own instead. Believe me, it will not matter how it looks like, instead it will be appreciated just because you put some effort into it.
Flowers are always a nice gesture if you can afford the outrageously marked up Valentine’s Day bouquets. You can buy a generic bouquet from a grocery store and re-wrap it yourself, making it more personal. Tie a ribbon around it, add a pretty bow, enhance it with a small plush toy. Again, the idea is to make it look like you put some thought and effort into the gift, not just grabbed it off the shelf. Consider giving a bouquet of Chocolate Roses as an alternative. It’s original and kills both birds with the same stone.)

Love Affair - Chocolate Roses

Do not go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day because again, it would mean being scrutinized by others, plus your date will be comparing you to other couples.  Instead, consider staying in and making it a romantic evening for just the two of you. Melt some chocolate and feed each other chocolate dipped strawberries. Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac, and so are bananas, honey, almonds. Yummy! (Bon Vivant Baskets has chocolate fondue gifts that are perfect  for the occasion)

Wild About You Valentine's Gift Box

It’s good to have a playful game for two on hand, like  a fun and romantic board game, dice for lovers,  Couples Trivia or card game. The games can be can be as “beginner” or as risque as you want them, the idea is to have fun together.

Enchanted Evening - Game for Couples

Watch a romantic comedy together. The Ugly Truth is a good one as it will spark some discussion between you two. Notebook is another good one. I’ve heard that watching a scary movie together is a bonding experience that increases your adrenaline and acts as aphrodisiac. Twilight seems like a perfect combination of romantic and thrilling. Make a Valentine’s Day movie gift basket, or as us to give you a hand with that.

Instead of giving your Sweetheart a gift certificate to a Spa, set up a spa experience on your own. It’s easy – just dim the lights, add candles all over the room, light incense, put on a soft exotic music and have some massage oil on hand (baby oil works just as fine). Use the Bed of Roses gift set to enhance your spa experience.

Bed of Roses - Romantic Gift Set

The idea is to create your own unique experience on Valentine’s Day. Out with the store bought things, in with the handmade gifts and thoughtful ideas. If I can help you with any gift ideas or offer some gift components for your Valentine’s Day gift, please let me know.

Lana Vivant

Bon Vivant Baskets




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