Make Some Noise. Wear Red. Have a Happy New Year!

30 12 2009

As we say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new one, we all are hoping that the New Year will bring happiness, love, success, prosperity. On behalf of Bon Vivant Baskets, I wish you a Happy New Year and would like to share some around-the-globe traditions with you to help you make the year 2010 the best one yet!

One of the traditions that comes from the South is having black eyed peas to evoke luck and prosperity. To increase your chances of prosperity for the whole year, you should eat 365 black eyed peas on New Year’s Day.

People in China and Japan eat noodles to ensure a smooth transition to the New Year.

Now, to practice this Spanish tradition you need at least 12 wishes and 12 grapes, each grape representing a wish. You have to be quick for this to work:  at midnight, when the clock starts to chime, you have to eat one grape for each chime while mentally reciting your wish.

Fish symbolizes wealth and prosperity in many countries, such as China, Scandinavia, Poland. Have at least a bite of fish on New Year’s Eve or Day to guarantee a bountiful year ahead.

New Year’s Eve traditions are not only about food. It’s also important what you wear and how you decorate your place. Many cultures use color red to increase vitality and luck.  In China, families exchange a few money bills in the red envelope to bring wealth to the family. In some Latin cultures, red underwear is worn for romance in the new year!

Also, make sure you have a set of firecrackers  or sparklers on hand. Not only it looks festive when you use the, but is also wards off evil in the New Year.  If you don’t have any firecrackers, making noise will do the trick – just use some cooking pots and utensils, and it surely will scare away bad spirits.

To have a clean start in the New Year, make sure you clean your living quarters and settle your debts. According to a Chinese tradition, one should not be sweeping and cleaning on the New Year’s Day because you might sweep out the good luck! If you absolutely must swipe the floors on the New Year’s Day, keep the dirt inside, in the corner, for example. You might think this is too silly, but in some cultures it’s not even advised to wash your hair on New Year’s Day so not to wash away your luck.

If you dream of traveling in the New Year, put the suitcase outside your front door, or take a walk with it around the block. According to a Spanish tradition, this will bring you new traveling opportunities in the New Year.

So, have fun celebrating the New Year, surround yourself with people you love, make some noise, wear red and be ready for a better,  happier and more prosperous New Year 2010!




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