The Marketplace – A Shopping Extravaganza

19 10 2009

I’m so excited about the chance to participate in the Marketplace this weekend! It’s a 5th annual event organized by the Junior League of Athens showcasing local retailers and businesses.
There will be fashion stores, gourmet stores, stationery companies, artists and musicians. I’m sure it will be fabulous.

I am making several different gift baskets to represent Bon Vivant Baskets at the Marketplace. Since the Halloween is coming up, I’m planning to have a few thrilling gift baskets on hand, suitable for kids and adults.

Also, I want to present a basket or two for the Thanksgiving. It will be good for any one who is going to someone else’s house for dinner. Since they have no cooking to do, no table to set, no clean up to deal with – why not bring the gift basket to the hostess. In the basket I’ll have delicious gourmet treats that can serve as appetizers before the dinner, if the hostess decides to share them (like salami sausage, cheese, crackers, olives), plus desert items perfect after the dinner (like chocolate, cookies, coffee and tea).

And of course, I will have many Christmas gift baskets suitable for personal or business use. I’ve made several new designs that I do not have on my website yet. But they look gorgeous and I hope to get a good response to them and get pre-orders for Christmas.

Last year we received many orders during the last week before Dec 25. Oh boy, did we have a busy Santa shop in our office! I will try to warm people up towards the idea of ordering early, this way we’ll know what to expect, will have time make all the necessary preparations, and when the time comes – all we’ll have to is add the product, wrap the baskets and deliver them.

I’ll have my fingers crossed that the event goes well for Bon Vivant Baskets. Wait, if I have my fingers crossed, how will I make my hand-tied bows? Maybe I should hold my breath?  Or even better, I will make sure I do my best to show off our baskets, and will hope and pray and chant and send signals to the Universe to ensure our success 🙂

The Marketplace - Athens GA

The Marketplace - Athens GA



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