How to Earn Your Keep

14 10 2009

The National Boss’s Day in on Friday October 16, 2009. Are you ready for it?

You don’t want to show up at work on Friday unprepared and watch your coworkers parade to your boss’s office with greeting cards, gifts and compliments. (the fact that you don’t want to show up at work on Friday, period, is entirely different matter. This coming Friday you have to be at work, and you have to come prepared!)

So how do you earn your keep? The least you can do is stop by your boss’s office, wish him or her Happy Boss’s Day and offer to bring them coffee from the cafeteria.

Next step up would be getting them a greeting card with a bulletted list of great characteristics your boss possesses. Is he or she a great leader? Inspires you to be a greater human being? Defends you in front of the upper management? Allows you to go to your dentist in the middle of the working day? Let your boss know that you appreciate all that. Boss’s Day is definitely the time to do it.

If you want to do something even more special, get your boss a nice gift basket. Bon Vivant Baskets, for example, has several great gift ideas.

How about a “Big Cheese Award” basket? It has different flavor cheeses, crackers, salami summer sausage and cheese sticks. Your boss will love the treats and surely will appreciate this humorous award.

The Big Cheese Award

The Big Cheese Award

Another great gift would be a “You Rule!” basket filled not only with treats but also with office supplies, including a notebook, a pen, a clip board and a ruler. (Get it? Ruler -> You Rule!) All arranged in a desk caddy that they get to keep. Every time your boss looks at it,  he or she will remember you and what a great job you are doing.

Do you have the Queen Bee for a boss? She is the one who keeps things going, who motivates and oversees the whole office? Then this “Fit for a Queen” chocolate bar is the perfect gift for her!

Fir for a Queen

Fit for a Queen

What? Your boss is nuts and you hate your job? Well, you can quit or try to make things better.  Think bout it, angry bosses act this way because they don’t feel loved. Change it. Even a crazy boss deserves a few treats once a year. Get him or her our “Nuts about Nuts” gift basket filled with chocolate covered almonds, cashews, peanut brittle, smoked almonds, and biscotti with nuts. That kind of  a gift will do wonders for your nutty boss’s mood.

Nuts about Nuts

Nuts about Nuts

See, there are many ways to keep your boss happy and appreciated. After all, wouldn’t you want your boss to treat you the same way?

Need a creative gift for the National Boss’s Day or for any other occasion? E-mail Bon Vivant Baskets at or call (706)248-5303

Do you have a Facebook account? If so, become Fan of Bon Vivant Baskets. That’s just another way of keeping in touch and being informed about savings and giveaways.
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