Hope Diamond

24 09 2009

I read in the news that Hope Diamond, the world’s largest blue diamond, went on public display yesterday at the Smithsonian Art Museum. The diamond is 45.5-carat in size, which is about a size of a walnut.

I am sure it looks breathtaking in person, and I would love to see it but I’m not sure if I will have a chance to visit DC within the next few month.  Plus, I’m not sure if I would want to get too close to this diamond considering the curse associated with it.  Supposedly, the Hope Diamond was stolen from an idol in India and it started a curse of bad luck and death not only for the owner of the diamond but for all who touched it.

Anyway, I prefer my “Lavender Diamond“, which is just as pretty as the Blue Diamond, but much much bigger, and it’s right here on my desk for my admiration any time of day or night. You can have one, too, if you wish. It makes a wonderful Anniversary or Wedding gift, or just a gift to tell someone “You are Priceless!” To get your own Lavender Diamond go to BonVivant Baskets.com

Oleg Cassini Diamond Paperweight

Oleg Cassini Diamond Paperweight

P.S. This is not just an ordinary paperweight but an icon of style and elegance. The diamond is from Oleg Cassini’s Home Colection (Cassini was an official fashion designer for Jacqueline Kennedy) Arranged in an elegant black gift box with silver-tone engraving, this gift looks truly impressive.



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